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Regarding Bidvaluable’s discretion, a deposit is required to be placed by a Buyer in order to bid smoothly. Unless otherwise indicated, deposits are fully refundable to the buyer, after deducting any fees that the Buyer is obliged to pay Bidvaluable, the fees including but not limited to storage and other fees outlined in the Terms and Conditions. Deposits and credits to the Buyer’s account is for bidding or promotional purposes or refunds. For all new Buyers, a deposit of $500 shall be required if the first Lot the Buyer auctioned is over $5,000AUD, otherwise there is no deposit needed. For all international clients, a deposit should be paid at Bidvaluable’s discretion in cleared funds into Bidvaluable’s account at least 48 hours before the commencement of the auction. Bids will not be accepted with failure of deposit. A credit card can be accepted for the deposit. However, for any purchase excess of $5,000 AUD cannot be charged to that credit card without prior arrangement. The deposit is redeemable against any auction purchase