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Bidvaluable --- Resolution

[Seller Return Refund] How do I manage returns/refunds with Bidvaluable’s Resolution Centre?

Bidvaluable’s Resolution Centre lets you discuss or negotiate with buyers easily on return/refund requests.

You will be able to chat with buyers, propose or counter-propose refund amounts, as well as accept or reject the buyer’s offer.

If you are unable to reach an agreement with the buyer, you’ll be able to raise a dispute to Bidvaluable via Resolution Centre as well. A Bidvaluable agent will join the conversation to mediate the situation. They may also request for you or the buyer to submit more evidence via Resolution Centre to reach a fair resolution.

[Vouchers] Will my voucher be refunded if I request a return/refund for my order?

A voucher (e.g. Cashback vouchers, Bidvaluable discount vouchers, Shop discount vouchers, Free Shipping vouchers) used for an order will be refunded if your return/refund request has been approved for a full refund.

If your request was approved for a partial refund (i.e the refund amount has been adjusted), the voucher used for the order will not be refunded to you.

⚠️ Note If there is a dispute for your return/refund request, any refund will only be credited after a resolution is reached.

[Shipping Returns] How do I track my return parcel?

You may track your return parcel with the tracking number that was either provided after your return/refund request submission or when you self-arranged for shipment with your chosen courier service.

Simply enter the tracking number on the website of the courier service to track your return parcel.

⚠️ Note While Bidvaluable may provide you with a tracking number in some cases, you will not be able to track the return parcels via Bidvaluable App as the courier services are unlikely to be integrated with Bidvaluable.