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Information For Biders

cssHow can coupons be applied?

All coupons which you activate in your account can be applied when you are heading to make the payment. Before you purchase, you can choose the type of coupon you would like to apply. After the discount applied, only the left amount you need to pay.

cssWhat is credit voucher? Can the credit voucher only apply 20% of the total amount on one transaction till the full credit amount redeemed?

Credit voucher is a coupon received by customers randomly. This credit voucher can only be used 20% of the total amount of purchase on one transaction for multiple times. Afterward, there will be two more vouchers generated for customers, they are first order voucher and gift vouchers.

cssWhy can not find email code in my email box?

Please check your junk mail or spam mail if you could not find your email sent by Bidvaluable.

cssCan I cancel my bid before I win the bid or can I return the bid?

You can enter your account to manage your current bid to cancel your bid before two hours of the auction end. However you couldn’t cancel it if you've already won. No return.

cssHow do I access my saved items?

Login to your account and check .

cssHow to leave an absentee bid?

For absentee bids, Bidvaluable will execute written bids delivered to us at least 24 hours before the sale for the convenience of those bidders who cannot attend the auction in person. If the identical written bids are the highest bids on a particular lot at the auction, the lot will be sold to that person. It is a free service for execution of written bids to Bidvaluable’s clients. We do not accept liability if it was failed to execute a written bid or for omissions or errors which may arise. It is the buyer’s responsibility to check with Bidvaluable after the auction if it was successful. Unlimited or ‘Buy’ bids will not be accepted. The Bidder can leave an absentee bid online using the online form. Alternatively, the bidder can download a from and hand it to the office, or email it to Bidvaluable so that we receive it at least 24 hours before the auction’s date. If the bidding is successful, the Buyer will automatically receive a notification email and invoice from the Bidvaluable. If not, the Buyer must contact the Bidvalyable.

cssWhat happen if I bid on a wrong lot?

You can login to your account, manage your current bid to cancel it before 2 hours of the auction end.

cssCan I bid using my mobile device?


cssHow do I know if I'm the highest bidder?

You can check your account on current bid.

cssHow do I know if I won an item?

You will receive an email or a message for confirmation, or you can check in your account.

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